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Is it time to enhance your performance enablement system?

In practice, the performance evaluation process can feel awkward, forced, and unproductive for both the reviewed and the reviewer. Historically, annual performance reviews are not a collaborative or ongoing process, and data suggests they do not help employees perform better at their jobs.

One major problem with traditional performance enablement systems is that firm strategy and individual performance often run independently of one another. Strategy is the vital force driving the firm’s direction, but effective execution of a strategy differs from being a good lawyer. The truth is people are less likely to implement a strategy that is not tied to their performance evaluation.

With traditional performance enablement systems, evaluation is typically an annual activity that only takes place at one point in the year. This means participants often forget the grading criteria throughout the year and rarely consider how their performance matches the overall benchmarks until evaluation time. Without an ongoing process, performance review becomes a once-a-year time drain on management. In addition to their everyday work activities, managers suddenly must find the time to give thoughtful feedback to direct reports about performance that they may not have considered since the last assessment.

Performance enablement software often fails in several crucial areas. Poor user experience from an outdated interface or low usability can deter employees from using it and buying into the process. It’s often on-premise, which can create a sense of security, but also requires in-person installation and maintenance.

In the “Work From Anywhere” landscape we now find ourselves in, having a cloud-based solution that employees can access anywhere makes more sense.

To date, performance enablement software has not significantly improved the evaluation process, especially in the legal market. Traditional performance enablement software does not provide an accurate indicator of performance because it does not align performance and standard competency criteria back to the strategic objectives of the firm. Performance enablement requires time, money, and effort to deploy. With so many resources allocated to measuring and driving improvement, it makes sense to integrate it into your daily work and the firm strategy. Objective Manager leverages cloud-based software to address your firm’s performance enablement problems through three primary pillars: planning, performance, and engagement. Our performance review process focuses on five essential areas:

Close the disconnect between strategy and performance evaluation

We begin with a big picture strategy tied to assessment criteria and mixed in with role-specific performance criteria. So users can always see how their individual performance impacts and supports the overall strategy of the organization.

Software people will actually use

To be useful, you need software that people want to use, with great UX & UI. Having the right software provides the following benefits:

  • Easy to use, collaborative, and enhances communication.
  • Allows employees to integrate the system into their daily lives.
  • Highly adaptable with a UI that looks great.
  • Cloud-based applications that are securely accessible from anywhere.

360° feedback

Objective Manager provides a holistic view of team members and offloads pressure from managers as the sole reviewers. Each person is evaluated by colleagues they work with directly, including peers, direct reports, and managers. These additional data points provide a bigger and more accurate picture of their performance. Having a central repository for this feedback saves time when aggregating feedback for an individual.

Regular check-ins

To make changes that impact performance, evaluation, and discussion, the process must be a regular ongoing activity. Regular check-ins allow managers and employees to keep grading criteria top of mind. Employees better understand the overall picture and see how these criteria are a part of their day-to-day duties.

Return on investment

Investing in your employees’ professional development and career path pays off. Lower turnover rates and increased employee motivation to improve performance translates into a positive impact on your bottom line.

Objective Manager creates performance enablement software that people actually want to use. Our solutions close the disconnect between strategy and performance enablement, allowing you to incorporate both into regular assessments.

Integrate your firm’s strategy into the performance evaluation process with a platform that is user-friendly and used often.

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