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Is Your Performance Review Process Providing the Whole Angle?

Performance reviews determine essential personnel aspects, such as compensation, promotion, and retention. Yet standard evaluations often occur only once per year, with the task falling to managers who must devote extra time and effort to assembling the necessary materials to conduct a proper evaluation. The standard performance review process can leave a lot to be desired, with potential often overlooked. Decisions about compensation, promotion, and retention can be subject to nepotism or detention. All of this can lead to resentment in the workplace, affecting productivity and even lead to talent attrition.

The performance review process has always been limited, even under ideal circumstances. Throughout the pandemic, the pain points associated with conventional performance reviews have only been exacerbated by the necessary pivot to mostly remote operations and less face-to-face interaction. Addressing and easing these pain points requires taking a different approach to performance evaluations. Implementing a 360° strategy that includes input from peers, direct reports, and clients, along with managers, is a great first step.

Individuals performing is good for the firm, but individuals collaborating and working together on common goals is how real strategic value is unlocked.

Client and staff surveys provide a space for open feedback and collaboration.

Objective Manager leverages the best aspects of 360° performance evaluation to position your firm for maximum success. Our platform allows multiple inputs while providing a single source of performance insight. The result is open, structured feedback that fosters improvement in staff performance and increases the retention of your firm’s top talent. We deliver a suite of functional tools to help you execute strategy in the areas of planning, performance, and engagement.  The platform drives collaboration and engagement of people and teams across practices and sectors,  then rewards and recognizes people for the right behaviors. 

Start getting the whole angle with Objective Manager. Schedule a consultation today.

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